Stop camera lookAt function

I set,


so that camera rotation changes according to camera position.

but at some point I want to deactivate this facility.
I want to change camera position without affecting camera rotation?

please help with that

Well, why don’t you stop calling the method in your code?

actually I want to move camera to different views with animation.
I used orbitControls which set controls.object.lookAt(scene.position).
so camera rotates it self to always face at origin/
as you can see in video it works fine for all of the view other than top and bottom view.

camera rotate around z-axis in last.

so that I tried to build function in which I desabled controls and move camera postion to desired location.
during same time I interpolate camera rotation to desired rotation.
but due to lookAt function camera rotation is overwrite to face origin.

Did you get any solution to this? I am facing a similar problem.

Stop calling update() after disable the control.

if (!disabled) {