Stable Diffusion - Converting 2D images into 3D

:heart: Introducing Dream Date, an AI-powered website that helps you create romantic 3D scenes for your loved ones.

Choose from a selection of dream settings, colours and materials to create your own stylized 3D isometric scene to share with your friends and loved ones. Start Dreaming!

Our team used Stable Diffusion (AI), Three.js, GSAP and lots of love to bring this beautiful experience to life. We’ll be writing a detailed tech breakdown soon, so stay tunned.

#stablediffusion #ai #immersiveexperience #website

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I have rich experience in Three.js and webGL.
If you need any help in this field I will do my best so will show you the perfect result.
Best Regards.

I’m confused, how is this different from Dream Date AI experience ?