Picto3d - a website that transforms images into a 3D model

It generates a depth map from an image and uses it as a displacement map to create a 3D model.
This model can be downloaded in stl format with generated depth map and normal map.


Does this use three.js?

Yes, absolutely.
It is used to render a mesh with a depth map.

can i see the source code.
i need to know how to make normal image to depth image or rgb-depth image in three.js

Added ability to use depth map and grayscale displacement map together

This is amazing! The results I got from 3 random images were far better than I expected considering this is constructing an entire dimension based on just a plane image (misspelling/pun intended). Thanks for sharing.


1 :heart: for the pun :joy:

Thank you! It’s very funny stuff:

Works nothing like the sample . creates 0 definition and creates no face.

Hi, your tool is rather unique and superb. I use it to create 3D stages from AI generated pictures via midjourney.com It would be great to be able to raise the resolution of the output mesh, as I import this into UE5. So I see an incredible market here for virtual movie production. Do you intent to continue your website for the coming years (please!)
Many thanks for your lovely work

forgot the link… Vimeo