Picto3d - a website that transforms images into a 3D model

It generates a depth map from an image and uses it as a displacement map to create a 3D model.
This model can be downloaded in stl format with generated depth map and normal map.


Does this use three.js?

Yes, absolutely.
It is used to render a mesh with a depth map.

can i see the source code.
i need to know how to make normal image to depth image or rgb-depth image in three.js

Added ability to use depth map and grayscale displacement map together

This is amazing! The results I got from 3 random images were far better than I expected considering this is constructing an entire dimension based on just a plane image (misspelling/pun intended). Thanks for sharing.


1 :heart: for the pun :joy:

Thank you! It’s very funny stuff: