sRGB texture encoding gives color banding issue

And after doing this? Should you render the target onto a plane to see it in game or is there a way to render it on screen directly?
Sorry for going off topic, the question sounds simple but I’ve found myself unable to find the answer to this.

Can you show what you tried? Otherwise I don’t have enough information to help and I’m left guessing.

If you’re referring to the HalfFloatType case – it looks like I left out the width and height arguments for the constructor on accident. You can check the constructor signature here:

Oh of course. I was convinced the render target was rendering off screen and was wondering how to make it draw to the canvas. But you’re right the width and height arguments were simply missing and the console was being silent about this.

A huge thank you to all of you in the thread, this conclude many hours on investigations!

I got hit with a similar problem with this PR:

What worked for me to reduce the banding (almost completely removed it) was to do tone mapping late in the post chain rather than at the start:

renderer.toneMapping = NoToneMapping;

composer.addPass( bloomPass );
composer.addPass( acesFilmicPass );
composer.addPass( gammaCorrectionPass );
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