Photoshop color space setting for three.js sRGB Encoding

I made an image using Photoshop in sRGB and exported it with the option ‘convert into sRGB’.

this image is used as a map of a meshBasicMaterial.

But when I import it using THREE.sRGBEncoding, it looks much brighter than its original .

textures are also set to sRGBEncoding.

It just looks correctly only when three does linear encoding.

All the other material looks fine except the textures made in Photoshop.

If I make it in linear, then it looks too dark. I think it’s not the correct way.

In web environment, they are no problem.

Is there a photoshop profile for three?

The usual setup for using sRGB look like in this live example:

Meaning you define the encoding property for textures AND set the output encoding of the renderer to sRGB.

Can you please update the fiddle by using your texture?

I just realized that, it’s because of tone mapping.

r3f sets it to ACESFilmicToneMapping automatically in color management mode.

Sorry for the wrong question!


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at the time that’s what seemed to be what most people would consider the go to standard - or at least i thought that was the case.