SpriteTexture Image getting zoomed with zooming of 3d model


I am creating spritetexture having png image to render but the size of this png image is also getting zoom with 3D model zoom in/out. Png image must not be scale with 3D model zoom in/out. It should be of fixed sized.

Below is the code snippet for rendering spriteTexture :

 const numberTexture = new THREE.TextureLoader().load('location.png');

		const spriteMaterial = new THREE.SpriteMaterial({
			map: numberTexture,
			alphaTest: 0.5,
			transparent: true,
			depthTest: false,
			depthWrite: false

		sprite = new THREE.Sprite(spriteMaterial);
		sprite.position.copy( pos );
		sprite.scale.x = sprite.scale.y = 32;
		scene.add( sprite );

Please help.


See https://stackoverflow.com/a/42347761

If you want a HUD, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/20416029