SpriteMaterial SizeAttenuation is not working in Three.Js

I have an issue using sprites in three.js. By checking the link: three.js docs it can be seen that sprite materials can have fixed size regardless of the camera depth when using perspective camera. However, when I am using sprite materials and changing the camera zoom, the size of the sprite changes according to the zoom level. My example code: codrops-cannon-example (forked) - CodeSandbox

In the example code, when I use the camera zoom equal to 0.9 (in line 108 of the example code), I get the following result (the label written “Hello” is the sprite material with sizeAtenuattion false):

When I set the camera zoom to be equal to 0.1 (in line 108 of the example code), I see that the size of the sprite changed (see the “Hello” label):


How would I accomplish what is written in the documentation? That is, how would the sprite have the same size regardless of the zoom level?

This is because I was changing the field of view of the camera, and I had to do dollying to make it working.