not working

Hello, I’m quite new to Three.JS
I should create a Spotlight with a texture projected onto the floor.
I’ve made a very simple scene with a plan, and a spotlight with a texture, but the texture doesn’t show up.
So I’ve tried the example “webgl_lights_spotlight.html”, but neither in the example the texture show up…
I have no error messages in console, and the images are in their right folders, so I really don’t know what I’m missing.
Does someone can help me?
Many thanks! is not supported. The respective PR is not yet merged:

Many thanks Mugen87 for your kind reply,
I was confused because on the spotlight docs I can read about the “map” option, and in the spotlight example there’s an option to choose the texture…
Do you plan to merge it soon?

I don’t think you reading the official docs. The following URL mentions at no place a map property.

And both spot light examples have no texture option:

There are some open issues with the PR so there is no plan, sorry.

Well, indeed I’ve cloned the repo from GitHub - mrdoob/three.js: JavaScript 3D Library.