Speed up loading of THREE.Points object


I am working on rendering of lidar data using THREE.Points. Points get loaded well, but process is relatively slow.

My straightforward code pattern is like this:

const geometry = this.threeUtilsService.createBufferGeometry(coordsArr, colorsArr);
const material = new THREE.PointsMaterial(…);
const mesh = new THREE.Points(geometry, material);

coordsArr is coordinates array.

Is there any way I can speed up the loading of data?

It’s not really possible to help you based on the information you have provided so far. First, it’s important to clarify what part of your loading process is slow. Does it take long to load the data from the backend? Do you have a long parsing overhead? Or does the initial rendering slow down your performance?

A performance analysis with Chrome dev tools (Performance tab) might also help to identify bottlenecks.