Something wrong with using multiple alpha texture

there is three model ‘A’,‘B’,‘C’ in my scene.‘A’ is on the surface , ‘C’ is inside and ‘B’ is between ‘A’ with ‘C’.
i set a alpha texture for ‘A’ like this:
i set a alpha texture for ‘B’ like this:
what i hope to see is we can see the ‘C’ through ‘A’ and ‘B’,but the result is we can see ‘C’ only throught ‘A’,and the ‘B’ looks like this:

@Mugen87 excuse me,i have found the reason in this: does it exist other solution that solve this problem?set the renderOrder is not suit to my project,because i hava only one mesh that Loading by binaryLoader and this mesh include some geometry.And some errors have occurred when i set the depthWrite.LIke this:
the part inside will appear in the surface.

Sry, I don’t know. Maybe you can try to combine your three models into a single one?