Something is happening when I export gltf from Bender

So it is exporting everything from the Blender scene even if I select just one element. That would be ok if there would not be any problems. Here you can see that the roof of the model got invisible when I exported. Do you have any ideas why is that?

Got it resolved! There was an empty slot in the roof materials. This is strange though. The right material was assigned and selected ā€¦


Hey man when i try to add a model using GTFL Loader it shows the following error
" Uncaught TypeError: THREE.GLTFLoader is not a constructor "
I have just started learning 3.js. Any help will be much appreciated.

Hey! I have just started as well ā€¦ BUT!! You could share your code in a separate topic. Share the whole page you are trying to do :smiley: That would speed the things in the most effective manner.

@Hamza Please avoid this type of hijacking and do not post such help requests in other topics. Iā€™m sure you will get help in your own topic :+1: : Model loading from blender