Some small questions, but I can't figure it out


I’ve been working on this model lately:
And I’m almost done, but there are some things that I would like to get working, but I can’t figure it out exactly.

What I still need to tweak is:

  • When I click on the white cylinder, my fish comes up. However it jumps from place to place but I want to make it animated. Then when I release the mouse, the fish should go back to it’s starting point.

  • I made the car driveable. But now you can drive of the cube, which isn’t supposed to happen. So I have to set boundries… I tried several things but I can’t make it work.

  • I also want to make some fishies swimming in the water (the transparent cube where the sub is in as well) with different heights, speeds and making sure that they won’t swim outside the cube. I know that I would have to use a for-loop but I can’t figure out how to use that while working in 3D. I worked with it in Processing(2D).

  • As a bonus I would like to make smoke come out of the chimnies when I click on the building. I just saw this cool smoke example ( but I don’t know it that’s doable with Three.js? That would be really awesome!

Btw… I have some trouble with exporting the text on the building and the sign… Is there a way that I can fix it? I already tried exporting it in different files through Maya, but it keeps on looking this ‘messy’.

I hope you guys can help me tweaking this model, that would be really nice.


It’s not good approach to ask multiple questions in a single topic. Especially when they are no “small” questions. You should put more effort into research since you will find to most of your problems an existing solution.

For #1 and #3, you can use Tween.js.
Have a look at this showcase and see how the fish is moving there.