Some of objects are not showing after obj loaded

Hi everyone,

I have loaded a large obj model (more than 500 objects) via OBJLoader, most of the object are showing but some of them are not showing. But they these objects are proper loaded which I can see from the debugger.
I have tried this obj model in three.js editor and all of the objects can show.
Here are something I tried inside OBJLoader.load

  • child.frustrumCulled = false;
  • child.material.side = THREE.DoubleSide;

Could you please kindly give me some advice?

frustum !== frustrum

and it only works on meshes…

mesh.frustumCulled = false

Perhaps you can put together a jsfiddle or similar to show the problem you are having?


Hi manthrax,

Thanks for your quick reply.
It seems that I did something wrong when export obj file via Blender.
When I exported obj file with “Object Groups” checked, every object in the obj model can be shown correctly.

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Nice! Glad you figured it out!

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