Problem showing models

So I am working in loading a few models from a game, I have two of them. One is showing perfectly, other is not.

The code for the one that is showing is exactly the same for that one that is not. The only difference is the .obj, but I have no idea how to make it show.

I have tried scaling them and positioning in 0,0,0 just in case they were being created somewhere else.

Here is the example of the one showing up (the code is here and the .obj is here):

This is the one that is not showing up. It says that is loaded but I can’t see it (the code is here, the .obj, here).

Can somebody please help me?

Nevermind, I just used blender to import the .obj and re-export it to .obj again and the model is showing up now. It is a problem of the 3ds Max therefore.

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