[Solved]Change material color and texture on collada obj

Hello, I have a question, I have an obj in .dae with three materials, I would like to change the color of one and change the texture of the other.
But I do not find anything about it, does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

Looks like you are using blender, so a blender forum is probably a better place to ask.

It’s very unclear what you’re asking about. Do you want to change colour and texture of an object, loaded in a scene? Could you clarify it?

Yes, in a scene…

Can you please share your code? You understand that a partial screenshot of your modelling program is not useful here?

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The photo is to illustrate the doubt, I did not post the code because I did not need it (it only has the import of a collada object) and what I wanted was to change the material.
Luckily I did it as follows:
collada_-obj.children[ 3 ].material[0].color.setHex( 0x05D131 );
Thank you all!

You’re welcome! :relaxed:

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