Apply color to Obj

So I have been using textures before to apply color to to my objects… now I want to switch to colors. Is there a way I can assign my object color without using textures?

You can use Material.color property in the objects’ materials (it’s available for all materials, not only MeshBasicMaterial.)

var color = new THREE.Color( 0xFFB6C1 );

// torso
var torsoLoader = new THREE.OBJLoader();
torsoLoader.load( 'torso.obj', function ( object ) {
  object.traverse( function () {

  MeshBasicMaterial.color = color;

} );
scene.add( object );
} );

is something wrong with this? its not working.

nvm found it

Something like this:

object.traverse( function (obj) {
  if (obj.isMesh){
} );

And don’t forget to add light source(s) in your scene.

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