Small trap in TrackballControls

I had a very strange mistake with the addition of the collection.

During the local test of RestrictDragControls everything was perfect. After uploading it to my site I test it again. There was an error message.2019-12-08_20.56.49

In the source code (CTRL U) I found
if ( lastPosition.distanceToSquared( _this.object.position ) > EPS ||Â lastZoom !== _this.object.zoom ) {

That’s not correct. But why did it work locally?

If you look at the hexadecimal, you can see the code A0 after ||

The meaning is also
160 A0 U+00A0 No-break Space

My editor shows when I display non-printable characters 2019-12-08_21.22.15
You have to look closely, then you can also see the problem there.

Why the difference local and after upload?
I accidentally overwrote the line meta charset=“utf-8” while copying the style.

Obviously this is no problem locally on my computer, but after the upload.

Should the small issue A0 be fixed :question:


Yes, it would be great if you can make a PR :+1:

I’ll give it a try. Would be my first pull request. It may take a while, I have to (translate)read the many requirements and work steps first. :sweat:

Since it is only a Bug (easy), there is no hurry. :stopwatch:

Instead of forking the project you can also consider to directly edit the file at github. I guess this link should work:

You can then select the following option in order to create a PR:

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This is only possible with the necessary write permissions. Not every beginner like me should have that either. You are three.js professional!


So I’m gonna learn.

Ops, okay. This guide might be helpful:

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Forked three, started learning. :man_student:

Have a look at the file three.js/TrackballControls.js at 3a324a69e3101407e24822fda1efdaf87fe77025 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub again.

Like a miracle - the code A0 has changed to 20.

(I searched all files in the controls folder for A0 and found nothing.)

Am I too stupid ??? :frowning_face:
… or a diligent professional probably wanted to spare me the stress. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Solved via: