Browser Error on changing the zoom level

I have just created a very simple 3D and to explore it I used TrackballControls. It works fine but when you go to developer’s tool console (Chrome) you see the following error (when you change the zoom level by mouse wheel):


I believe, I got the same error for OrbitControls as well. Any thought about this?

Um, I have seen this message in the past but I was never able to reproduce it :thinking:. For instance the official example seem to be fine:

Do you mind sharing a link to an application or live example that triggers the message?

It seems the error occurs in Google Chrome. I don’t get the error in IE, Edge and Firefox.
Thanks for your attention.

I can reproduce on my system. It also can also see the error with this example:

However, OrbitControls seems to be fine and both controls have similar ‘wheel’ event handlers :thinking:

Can you please try to setup TrackballControls like so and see what’s happening?

let controls = new THREE.TrackballControls(camera, renderer.domElement);

I assume the error is triggered because the event listener is added to document and not to the renderers canvas.


You are right! the event listener was the issue. Now it works fine.