Small physics based game

Hey All!

Small physics based game I made. Has a gravity and elastic collision model.
Not sure how fun the game will actually be. To get a feel for it, I would wait until the balls get close to the cannon.

  • Goal is to change the direction of the oncoming balls to move away from the shooter.
  • A ball can leave the range of the shooter, it will keep rolling until the game is lost.
  • The balls momentum keep increasing as you level up.
  • If the bonus ball is hit, the groups momentum lowers.


  • Wait until the balls are close the shooter, you only want to hit them head on.


Actually pretty fun for a minute! Nice take on the missile command genre… and I dig the vapor aesthetic… fits well with the theme!

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thank you! it can be a little awkward when a ball escapes. My top level is 24, but my playing time might be a little bias

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I played it for a few mins :slight_smile: I also played it before reading the instructions (my fault) and thought I had to hit the glowing ball to win.

The guide line makes it a little too tricky, it would be nice to have one which shows the trajectory of the missile in a curve. (or maybe that’s the point of the challenge). Pretty cool though! The game seemed to break after losing once though. And I lost as one of the balls must’ve moved past the losing line off screen somewhere.

Good work - kept me entertained for a bit :smiley:

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