Skinned mesh look different with blender when it twist


I made skinned mesh from blender, with bones. I exported with glb. when I check when it twist.

When I look blender
스크린샷 2022-09-06 오후 3.17.50

When I look my viewer
스크린샷 2022-09-06 오후 3.20.31

What should i have to change about my settings for this symptom?

Pleas help :slight_smile:

How does the rendering look like with BabylonJS for comparison? You can import the asset here:

I just want to find out if it’s a general problem with the glTF or only related to three.js.

BTW: When you file topics like that, always share the glTF asset.

This what bablyonJS looks.

스크린샷 2022-09-06 오후 6.06.54

And hear it is ! Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

untitled.glb (528.9 KB)

Does the rendering of BabylonJS looks right to you?

nope Acturally I want to render like blender. It’s looks smoother and more natural

I’m not a blender user but do you know how many weights you have assigned per vertex? Having too much can corrupt the skinning as only 4 are supported.

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I putted bones with blender so I can only answer that I putted 16 bones… Can you please check the glb files to know Should I re rig the mesh?

The total number of bones is not the problem but the number of bones which affect a single vertex. In three.js and many other engines it’s four. Please make sure you don’t use a higher number in Blender.

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The weight is 1.00 Isn’t it?

It’s not the weight value, it is about how many bones are assigned to 1 vertex, usually with the weighting skinning tools you can se how many bones are assigned to one, but i mainly use C4D not blender.

In C4D i can inspect it with the weight tool for instance, you need to see a list how many are assigned, if it’s above 4 it will work in blender, but as in most realtime engines those above 4 will be removed. But i can’t import glb in my version and the glTF export plugin might already have removed those passing 4, if it’s the case.

(mesh is just the mesh the next ones are the bones)

Thanks for advise I think i need to find out how to adjust vertex weight in blender

I’ll share the result :slight_smile: