Simple bezierCurveTo Shape maker tool

Hi Three.js followers,

As did with quadratic curves (quadraticCurveTo in Showcase), now made to feel Bézier curves interactions and create shapes for extruded meshes.

the link:

Again, Thanks for the great Three.js Team!

JoséRoberto Lazzareschi

PS: Pierre Étienne Bézier, September 1, 1910 - November 25, 1999, was a French Engineer, creator of the Bézier curve.

He was one of the founders of the field of solid, geometric and physical modeling, as well as the field of representative curves, especially in CAD/CAM systems.
Working as an engineer at Renault, distinguished itself as a leader in the application of mathematics and computational tools in transforming design and manufacturing into computer-aided design and three dimensional modeling.