Silhouette objects on xy, xz, yz planes

I need to draw a silhouette on the xy, xz, yz planes together or on other random planes for some objects. How i can get it without generate new objects and change “display mode” using a boolean property. for OrthographicCamera

It similar demo

I also need an algorithm to calculate the silhouette of an object

You can use a black background and do:

scene.overrideMaterial = new THREE.MeshBasicColor( { color: "White" } );

That will make all objects paint in white (See overrideMaterial)

For the silhouette border, I would use OutlinePass. You can adjust the parameters to obtain the desired thickness etc. See the outline example.

You can render to three textures and show them on three rectangles placed on the three main planes.

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I know about OutlinePass, but how to render on three main planes. I create Three OutlinePass project.

I told you already: Draw the scene in 3 RenderTargets and use them as textures in 3 PlaneBufferGeometry placed at the main planes.

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I understood what you mean, but this solution doesn’t suit me. I try to change OutlinePass so that it draws an outline on the main planes.

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Up, I didn’t solve this problem