Showcase of my trippy action game, KATA

Hey y’all!

I made a trippy action game with react-three-fiber and legally acquired assets. It’s very magenta! You slay monsters to earn points and let them pass you to lose points.

Play it on desktop or mobile at
or watch it at


Run forward with W or Up Arrow keys. Stop with S or Down Arrow keys. While running, change direction with the mouse. Left click to attack.


Swipe up to start running. Swipe down to stop. While running, move your finger on the screen to change direction. Tap the screen to attack.



It seems like the floor / enemies use different coordinates than the background - making orientation a bit hard and confusing - but love the visuals! Reminds me of Astral Chain rift levels :sunglasses:

Just making sure nobody gets the wrong impression :slight_smile:

As for background, it used to be even more disorienting—buildings would get closer based on your rotation—had to tone it down a notch. And thanks for reminding me of Astral Chain, definitely need to play that again!