ShapeUtils.triangulateShapetriangulate( contour, holes ) -- how to format 'holes' parameter'

Brand new to THREE.js, any help/direction would be appreciated.

I have an array of points(THREE.Vector2) representing the outer path of a polygon,if I call ShapeUtils.triangulateShapetriangulate, and pass my array as the ‘contour’, and an empty array as the ‘holes’, I successfully get an array of triangles.

Now I want to add holes to my call, and am not sure how to format them. The documentation only describes this parameter as ‘array of holes’.

I tried handing it this format : [ [ pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4], [pt5, pt6, pt7, pt8 ] ] (each ‘pt’ being a Vector2)
and received this error message: ‘Infinite Loop! Holes left:1, Probably Hole outside Shape!’

I’ve also tried converting each pt array to a THREE.Path, and received the same error.

Please check out the code of this example:

The smiley shape has some holes, see