How to add holes to rendered Shape in three js?

I’m trying to insert a hole in the shape that is already added to the scene.

The documentation has holes properties, which is an array of paths that define holes in the shape. As I understand it, the holes property only works on 2d shapes.

In my case, I should have a hole that is parallel to the horizon line (XY) in the 3D extruded Mesh (extruding was done up the Z).

Is the only acceptable way to get holes through this property for my Mesh is to rotate my object so that the shape through which I want to make a hole was paralleled XY, add coordinates to the holes property,concat them with vertices and then calculate the faces through THREE.ShapeUtils.triangulateShape and rotate the object back? In this case, I get an error, because triangulateShape does not calculate faces for an 3D object, it takes Vector2 items.

So the only possible way is to recreate the extruded mesh and not update the previously added to scene one?
Thanks for any help.