Shadow provide by transparency texture

Hello ,

 i does try to create shadow through  a texture with tranparency like here

or here
three.js examples

i try to understand an re use code provide on those webpage , but it doesn’t work in my case and i dont understand well what i have to do .

work very well under blender , but export from blender and import in js doesn’t work in this case .

Hello ,

i found the solution here Cast shadow through alpha masked mesh & customDepthMaterial

the solution is to use MeshDistanceMaterial instead of MeshDepthMaterial cause i use PointLight so the code is

 var aa=scene.getObjectByName('serre36') ;
var bb = aa.children[3] ;
  var cc= bb.material;
bb.customDistanceMaterial = new THREE.MeshDistanceMaterial( {
			     map:,  // use map provide by blender 
				alphaTest: 0.5
			} );

work very well see result