ShaderMaterial don't receive customColor?

“attribute vec3 customColor;”
“attribute float customOpacity;”,
“attribute float customSize;”,
“attribute float customAngle;”,

Vertex shaders don’t receive customColor ,other values(customOpacity……) is ok.
what happend?who could help me?



I don’t think you can store colors wherever you are storing them. Did you try just doing three floats?

color->float? RGB to float? How do I use it?

Something like

var myNumber = myColor.r

If you want it in an array you can do this:

var array_of_numbers = [
function arrayOfColorsToRaw(array){
  const typed = new Float32Array(array.length * 3)
  for( let i = 0, c=0 ; i < array.length; i++){
    typed[c++] = array[i].r
    typed[c++] = array[i].g
    typed[c++] = array[i].b

attribute vec3 customColor;->attribute float customColorR;attribute float customColorG;attribute float customColorB; this way is ok :rofl:

I don’t understand how vertexAttrib1fv works. and Vertex shaders 's vec3 how to receive ?

I don’t understand why you are looking at threes source. There is a higher level api to this.

Vertex shaders 's vec3 don’t recevie value.:joy:
in this way:

this.particleMaterial.defaultAttributeValues.customColor.value[i] = new THREE.Color({r,g,b}) ; this way is wrong. i dont‘t understand.

Do it like so:

var color = new THREE.Color();
var colors = [];

for ( var i = 0; i < positionAttribute.count; i ++ ) {
    color.set( 0xffffff * Math.random() ); // generate random color
    colors.push( color.r, color.g, color.b ); // layout is [ r, g, b,  r, g, b,  ... ]
geometry.addAttribute( 'color', new THREE.Float32BufferAttribute( colors, 3 ) );

Array of objects are not supported. You always have to store primitive values in your attribute buffer.


I don’t think there is a type c or any other type for that matter.

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Yeah, your attribute definitions look strange. Where have you seen this approach?

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in this demo:Particle Engine (Three.js) js:ParticleEngine.js,but it used three version was 60. :laughing: I want to update to the latest version.

Ancient history :slight_smile: There is no need for any of that i think, just make your attributes and call them from the shader.