Shader Material vs built in material

Hello All,

I just want to know that using which material is a better option and performance which is good.

Here as shader material is utilizing the gpu and same i think the built in material do.

Creating an mesh with the built in is faster but with shader its a little slow.

So which one i use.

Also i want to know if we keep 1000 of objects are invisible so how it improve the performance.

Because i think during the creation of 1000s of meshes we already did the 1000 draw calls. So how making the objects invisible save the performance


If your want perfomance with many meshes

I am already using instance mesh , but i think it only save the draw calls but it occupy the same memory. Correct me if i am wrong.

I just want to know which material is good for performance.

Like MeshBasicMaterial give poor look to scene but i think it utilize less resource than MeshStandardMaterial.

I want to know the comparision of shader and MeshStandardMaterial.

You have written that 1000 objects and 1000 calls, as well as about invisibility.
I can’t say for sure, but if we remove these objects
mesh.geometry = undefined;
mesh.material = undefined;

memory should clear

Thanks for reply but this is what i already know.