Set camera position along vertex normal with animation

Goal = Vertex Locator with camera animation no ext lib.
Control = OrbitControls
Camera = Perspective Camera
Animation = setInterval( , 20)
3JS = 103

User enters a number ranging from 0 to V_length. Camera changes target 0,6 sec ani.
Pauses 0.40 sec.
Camera new location is set 1.0 sec ani.

Every thing works fine except for getting camera location.

I thought it would be best to place the camera on vertex or face normal vec with small distance from vertex. But, I’m having problem calculating the coordinates.

Any suggestion or hint would be appreciated.

Please include your actual code here. If possible, a working version using Codepen or Jsfiddle, but at least the complete camera animation functions

Answer: object.localToWorld(var_vertex.Normal.clone()).normalize().multiplyScalar( var_dist ).add( var_vertexWorldPosition )