Selective Bloom without rendering twice / using layers?

i want to pass an array of objects to bloom pass just like in the SSR pass
just do composer.render() in the render loop.

is this possible ?

maybe bloomPass can render twice like how SSR pass renders each of its passes (depth,normal,beauty etc)

I have a program where bloom is used in some scenes , composer is used in some scenes and normal renderer in some

& dont want to add a "if case " condition just for the bloom pass

Have a look at this post: Selective UnrealBloomPass issues - #12 by looeee


will refer to this ^ thanks

will mark as solution if i get it towork

Note that this still renders exactly as many times as before, it’s just hidden from you behind a cleaner API.

There might be better ways to do this now that multiple render targets has landed (WebGL2 only though).

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yeah rendering twice for bloom seems overkill

now that apple has webgl2, its a good time to invest in newer methods for this ,