Seeking senior three.js designer(s) for AI-powered 3D animation platform

RADiCAL’s AI enables a real-time, multiplayer 3D motion capture, animation and content platform for film, gaming and live events at large scale. As part of our mission, we’re also building out a web-based end-to-end content creation editor in three.js, to empower our users to create and collaborate in real-time.

RADiCAL lives here:

  • What we’re looking for: We’re now looking for one or more talented three.js designers to create three.js templates to be used across this platform. It’s a massive plus if you have experience in character animation, modeling, lighting, and texturing, in addition to broad and deep experience involving three.js for websites that have to run at scale across many devices.

  • Location: While we’re remote-first, for this role, we have a preference for people who can work with us within the European timezone. That said, we can make exceptions for extraordinarily talented designers living elsewhere on the planet.

Please get in touch with your resume and design portfolio / website examples:

We look forward to hearing from you!

How are you?
I have sent you a message via email and I hope you will check in your meantime.

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