Seeking advice on converting 2D spiral image slices to 3D conical spiral in three.js

"Hello everyone, I’m currently learning three.js through personal projects and seeking guidance for a specific manipulation task. I have a dataset of 2D image slices featuring spiral shapes. My aim is to combine the first 10 slices and inwardly push from the spiral’s center to form a conical spiral. While I understand this manipulation could be achieved using geometry, I’m uncertain how to approach it with image slices. If anyone has experience or suggestions on accomplishing this task in three.js, particularly regarding image slice manipulation rather than geometry, I would greatly appreciate any insights, tips, or recommended approaches. Thank you in advance for your assistance! (Note: Please refer to the attached images for a general idea)

Why do you need to do this?
Seems awfully specific and arbitrary…

I’d be curious to see a few of the image slices and a draft drawing of the resulting spiral based on these slices.

I encountered an academic paper titled ‘The Principles of Proper Placement of Branch Cut in Phase Unwrapping Using Combined and Extended Methods Based on Residue Searching.’ Intrigued by its methods, I’m exploring the implementation in Three.js out of curiosity. I believe it will be challenging to use images instead of geometry, because geometry implementation can be applied in purely mathematics also.

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