Seeking a Three.JS Viewer Developer

Job Description: Dynamic Gaussian Splats Viewer Development

Job Type: Contract

Compensation: Above market rate, up to 2X the standard market rates

Deadline: As soon as possible, to be discussed upon contract agreement
Location: Remote, Anywhere from the world.
About Us:
We are currently seeking a developer to enhance a viewer for Gaussian splats under our specific format. There are already existing viewers for static splats (for example, GaussianSplats3D), but our requirement involves dynamic splats, where positions change over time relative to a model with bones.

Project Description:
The task involves enhancing a Gaussian splats viewer to support dynamic positioning relative to a skeletal model. Each splat is tied to a specific polygon of the model and has fixed coordinates within the local space of that polygon. The primary objective is to write a transformation calculation for the splats in each frame to ensure efficient performance (utilizing techniques like transform feedback or GPGPU shaders for transformation).


  • Develop and implement a dynamic splats viewer capable of fast recalculations per frame.
  • Ensure the viewer can load our PLY file and animate the reference mesh (e.g., GLB with bone and blendshape animations).
  • Work with the provided Python transformation code and existing Python-based viewer for reference.
  • Optimize the viewer for real-time performance and accuracy.


  • Proficiency in 3D graphics programming and experience with shaders (GPGPU, transform feedback).
  • Familiarity with handling dynamic model animations.
  • Experience with formats such as PLY and GLB, particularly in the context of bone and blendshape animations.
  • Ability to work with existing codebases and adapt them to new requirements.


  • A fully functional dynamic splats viewer that meets the specified requirements.
  • Detailed documentation of the implemented solution.

Application Process:
Interested candidates should reach out directly via private message. Please include your relevant experience and any examples of previous work that demonstrate your suitability for this task.
For more detailed information, refer to the following link: Detailed Project Description.
We look forward to your applications!