See-through glass is pixelated

I’m stuck on a particular part of a configurator for a client. The bottle is a glb file, and I’m modifying the materials inside three.js. It has a environment cubemap. The problem is the see-through part of the bottle which is really pixelated and really obvious. Have tried tweaking the values of the materials but still no solution.

eightBottle.material.transmission = 4;
eightBottle.material.roughness = 0.1;
eightBottle.material.castShadow = true;
eightBottle.material.receiveShadow = false;
eightBottle.material.metalness = 0.5;
eightBottle.material.ior = 1;
eightBottle.material.thickness = 0.01;
eightBottle.material.envMap = textureCube;
eightBottle.material.envMapIntensity = 0.5;
eightBottle.material.needsUpdate = true;