Saving Animation from Skinned Character GLTF


Exporting animation issue. Success exporting model. When exporting the animation, the animation does show up in Blender (in the NLA) but the model itself is squished down to nothingness (not scaled just collapsed). Removing the Armature the model shows up ok (but then animation is gone of course).

Trying to be thorough, these are the steps I did… appreciate any nudge in the right direction or insight how I can make it work.

  1. As a test I’m using: webgl_animation_skinning_additive_blending.html
  2. Added a SAVE button + ability to save.
  3. Saving model works (: When saving the model with animation that is where it goes wrong.
  4. Not modifying anythhing. Just doing a test on “how to save model + animationClips” So just load the file like in example and click save that attaches to the new function (see jsfiddle)
  5. This is my option to save: {binary:true, animations:animationclip}
  6. Even though the model is squished to nothingness the saved model and animations do show up in blender in the NLA, just like if importing the original three.js example model into Blender… the only difference between the model in the example and my saved version is that my saved version is squished/scrambled.
  7. Tried other viewers, same issue so I don’t think this is a Blender specific issue. Want to know what I’m doing wrong.

I linked to the code here not for working example within JSfiddle, just to view code.

First image is successful save without animation. Second image is what happens when animation is saved.

Thank you for your help!