Is there a proper way to export file from blender to make sure the full animation is there?

Hello wanted to ask this question because my model doesn’t seem to fully load even when put into a gtlf loader. So this leads me to think there is something that I’m missing when exporting my file. It could be the simplest thing so any suggestions are welcome.

You’ll probably need to share more details in order to get help with this.

The first step of debugging a model would be to try loading it in a viewer like or If it’s not working there, you’ll want to review the Blender exporter docs or report a bug to the exporter. If it works in the viewers but not in your code, there may be something wrong in your code that needs to be debugged.

Hey, donmccurdy it seems that it’s a bug in the blender file. I know your probably busy but is it possible that we could hope in a discord call sometime you seem like you really understand threejs. Cause man, I have been trying to get this done for my website for weeks. But I understand if you don’t want to. P.S. doesn’t have to be today I could work around your schedule if needed.

It sounds like you might have a Blender question rather than a three.js question, in that case… if the .blend isn’t exported to glTF correctly then three.js won’t be able to do much with it.

You might be able to get help on if you can share the model or more information about how it’s created and animated.

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