rXXX as the date of a thread?

In any thread like this one, we have the date, like “Apr '23”, which is great.

But what about adding/replacing with the current “r152” threejs version instead, something like this in html:

<time datetime="2023-04-12T12:38:03.929Z">r152</time>

This would preserve context for older posts, and make them still relevant years later

NB: thx to datetime and hover state, we still can have the exact date

NB: we could even link rXXX to the specific migration.md guide section so an old answer is in theory “upgradable”[1]

  1. or also a “bot” that link any deprecated methods/properties in the thread, to the specific part of the migration guide ↩︎


There are many new threads that refer to old releases. What should rXXX show for such threads?

as the date, the info should be considered informative — maybe not replacing the date with, but just appending it to: “Apr '23 (r152)”

also if an additional field where the user can declare the version his thread is about could be added, it could then takes precedence: by default to the current rXXX or to the user-declared one

i dunno :smile_cat: