Questions about update Threejs

I have never updated my version of three js since I started my project 7 months ago. I’m not sure which version to start with (I guess it’s between 128 and 129)

How do I know which Threejs version I have installed?
How I can update?
Can I directly update to the latest version? (example: from 128 to 133)
If for some reason things don’t work properly in the new version. Is it possible to go back to the version in which I started?


Do you know how you originally installed three.js, and/or how you’re importing it in your code?

If you’re using NPM (recommended), you can do something like npm ls three to get the current version, or it should be visible in a package.json file. You can always revert to the previous version.

If you’re using a CDN or local files on disk, you’ll need to update them manually. You can check the latest version by doing console.log(THREE.REVISION) somewhere in your code.

thanks. that help me. I found the three version inside package.json (129) and I changed it to 133, then I delete three from my node_modules and reinstalled again. And now I have the lastes version 133.1.

Pst: my model looks different now… I was using ToonMesh and now looks more like standarMesh (I mean it looks less cartoonie). Maybe I´ll make a new thread later if I dont find a solution 3:

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