Running the extensive three.js examples locally on my computer

Sorry, I know this is a repeat from other as well as me.

(1) I have downloaded the zip distribution from
(2) I have unzipped in a folder and run npm install
(3) I now want to access the examples page using my locally running SERVEZ web server

Question is: where do I point the SERVEZ starting page to?

Thanks much


Try this: https://localhost:8080/examples

The build macros used in three.js development are defined here:

Usually you should just need to run…

npm install
npm run dev

… and then it will print a URL for testing to the CLI, which should look like the one @Hans_Beemsterboer shared above.

Hi oldman,

When unzipped, the downloaded files are in a subdir with the name:

I don´t know where npm created this place.
If You find it …

Hope this helps… :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Servez will list all the files inside the path…then click in examples and choose one to run…


You wrote
(2) I have unzipped in a folder and run npm install
So, If You unzipped the file in a path… that is the path to write in Servez.