Rotate gltf model around custom axis

Hi! Total noob here , I have been trying for weeks to rotate my gltf model around a custom pivot point to no avail. Methods I used were creating a group, then adding loaded gltf models to that group and then trying to rotate the group itself to no avail. Then adding a sphere geometry then adding the pivotpoint to the mesh and then the loaded model to the pivotpoint to no avail. Everything I try produces no errors, but just doesn’t move around like it should. I also debugged the rotation of the model in my console and it does seem to change but I just can’t get movement. However any rotation I tried around the models own axis works. So I think I am missing something as far as geometries or meshes of imported models is concerned.

This is the action I am trying to replicate but with gltf custom models instead of spheres. I even managed to replace the spheres with gltf models but they were immovable too.

This is one is one of my many fails :

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!!

You can try it in modification of the example from the Collection of examples from 2020.


2020-07-28 21.07.37

Just define suitable rotations with sin/cos.

hofk , thank you so much ! I had seen your example long ago but my mind was so locked on the rotation aspect that I never thought I could just modify the actual position of the object to then represent a full rotation! Thanks again, appreciate it.

You are welcome :beers: