Ring model change color

Hello, I am developing ring configuration. Rings can be gold and silver. I want to add different color like blue. I opened glTF file in blender that i added new material for color but i can’t export file. I tried different version blender 2.93, 2.83 etc. Also, i tried different version Verge3d but same error.
i am developing a project similar to this repo: GitHub - mantissa23/flxv.RingConfigurator
glTF file is located under static/assets. I just want to change color of model. If i can change with js, how can I do that?. Can you help me? Thanks

might not be what you want but changing a color should be straight forward either way

Yes, but blender model version is old. I added new material and color. after that i exported glTF format then imported project. It didn’t work. Project uses Blender and Verge3d. I don’t know :frowning: