Reusing depth buffer of a RenderTarget

Hi, I’m trying to do some special effects by rendering a few things in a color buffer, and then draw other things on a new color buffer but using the original depth buffer from the first render. Is it possible to do this?

You could save the depth information in a texture and then reuse it for an arbitrary amount of effects. Many post-processing effects work like that. The following example illustrates this approach by visualizing the depth of the original scene.

Yeah I came across that…but I’m trying to make this as efficient as possible, and if I use that texture I would have to sample it and make an explicit discard operation comparing to the current depth value instead of taking advantage of the early ztest. Thanks for your time anyway :slight_smile:

EDIT: is it possible to manipulate the depth buffer of a render target?

Yes it is possible using the EXT_frag_depth extension you can write values to the depth buffer in the fragmentshader in gl_FragDepthEXT.


Hi, i was able to achieve this by calling

_gl.framebufferRenderbuffer( _gl.FRAMEBUFFER, _gl.DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT, _gl.RENDERBUFFER, renderbuffer );

and was able to use the same stencil to draw into two different targets. It’s really neat! But i can’t make it work with three.js. Has anyone been able to achieve this?