Retro Computer Personal Website (Open Source)

Hey all! A few weeks ago I open sourced my THREE.js folio, it’s a few years old now but I thought it may be of some interest.

Please feel free to fork and play around with it / give feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Source code:

Image of website

It contains a number of nifty features such as:

  • 3D retro computer that you can interact with
  • very simple UNIX shell implementation
  • files system implementation
  • markdown interrupteur and renderer
  • text layout engine

Very nice.

Damn thats cool! The retro colour contrast is giving the DooM vibes!

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Very cool, I love the concept and navigation as a developer :smiley:
couldn’t get show to work but show -all did the trick.

as I’m writing this i noticed that it is named,
there is some spacing with the chosen font that made me think the 06- was the security permission context at a glance, could be a consideration to change the numbers or the font. :slight_smile:

Love it. I wish I had this idea. :slight_smile: