ReflectorForSSRPass not affect all geometry

Model have only one mesh but Reflector did not affect bottom side of faucet. how can i solve this?

untitled.glb (209.9 KB)

Hello, seems your codepen is not runnable.

I guess it’s clipBias: 0.0003, and groundReflector.position.y = -310; related.

I’ll try to run it when have time.

Oh, come to think of it, now it’s really ground reflector.
So groundReflector.position.y should be 0, and mesh.position.y should be upper zero, for example, 330.
I’ll make ReflectorForSSRPass more versatile.

reflector position -310 because of faucet position. you can see reflector position on image

I delete;

and solved. thanks

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