Reflector.js internal render target dispose

does the internal render target of Reflector.js need to be disposed?
Reflector does not expose a method to dispose it

You could get the render target via getRenderTarget() and then call dispose() on it.

However, it seems more clear to add a dispose() method for both Reflector and Refractor which calls dispose() on the render target and the internal material.

Would you like to make a PR with such a change?

Yes, I can try. Do you think it could be useful to modify Reflector constructor ‘options’ parameter in order to let the user pass a callback that creates the render target? in this way it would be possible to create also a WebGLMultisampleRenderTarget

That sounds to complicated to me. We should not offer users the possibilty to create render targets. I would keep it simple and do it like mentioned in Poor resolution in Reflector? - #5 by Mugen87.

If you are interested in doing both changes, please make separate PRs. One for dispose() and another one for the antialias issue.