Reflecting light color of one Mesh to surrounding Meshes

Hi all, I remember seeing in the docs a way to make a mesh reflect its light colour to the other meshes surrounding it and viceversa. I’ve been looking for a while but cannot seem to find it anymore, since I do not remember the terminology for it. Anyone knows where I can find it?

I’m not sure something like that exists. Meshes can have an emissive color component but it does not influence other meshes. Maybe you are referring to some sort of reflection technique like dynamic cube maps or maybe screen space reflections?

the term is global illumination or SSGI. it doesn’t exist on the web. but will very soon. this library will have it GitHub - 0beqz/screen-space-reflections: Implements Screen Space Reflections in three.js

you can check out yannics work out here: he’s very very close.