Recolude - Spatial Recordings

Recolude uses three.js to render recordings made from game engines inside the web browser or on mobile devices. We’ve also started to dip our toes into WebXR to allow people to go into VR to watch recordings made in their VR applications. We also have made it so people can embed their recordings into their own website like they would a YouTube video (which can be seen on our promotional site)

This is the playback system built in three.js playing a recording made from a Unity3D demo we’ve made.

We’ve also started to branch out into recordings made outside of game engines. We wrote up a small blog post talking about to tesselate a face mesh from a ML Library called MediaPipe.

A recording of a 3D face made with three.js can be seen here


Good forest.

Thanks! Had a lot of fun making a vertex shader for the leaves moving match the playback speed of the recording.

Also needmoving for all tree.