Real world location into panoramic view

Hello there
how could we reflect the position of an object knowing its geographic coordinates in reel world into the pano image
let me explain
we know the camera geographic coordinate and also the store geographic coordinates we do have a Pano image , we need to put an icon on the position of the store on the pano image
similar to what street view
store location coordinates ( 40.743156614156575, -73.99299610813702)
Camera location coordinates (40.74309982288162, -73.99317313650572)

Hope you can help

just set camera.position and object.position to these values?

Uhmm …

The camera has a height above ground and a field of view, plus an orientation in space. Just like the panorama. All of those are unknown - at least to us.

With current information, that’ll be guesswork.

fov does not really matter, only near-far range (it has to include the object). the height matters, right, but it seems to me that the 1st floor marker could look ok at the same height as the camera (car roof mount for google maps? hand-held by average height adult?). the only variable then is the panorama rotation around Y axis, and you will have to specify it somehow

@makc3d you are right the height isn’t important.
what function should we use in order to plug those values and get the object on the image?

.position.set(lat, 0 lon) for example