@react-three/drei & next.js => mandatory to transpile the package?

I have to use

transpilePackages: [“@react-three/drei”]

in next.config.js to be able to use drei. Why ? This is my configuration :

“jest”: “^29.7.0”,
@react-three/drei”: “^9.105.5”,
“next”: “^14.2.3”,
“three”: “^0.149.0”,
“react”: “^18.3.1”,

How do you use it with jest and next ? With next 14 and jest 29 I didn’t manage to make it work for the moment.

While it’s totally fine to ask about R3F and related packages here, note that more of that community is on the Poimandres Discord, where there’s a channel dedicated to the drei package:

I’m afraid I have no idea about Jest+Next+Drei though, sorry. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to bother