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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to upgrade this package to the latest version of three and react , react upgradation is fine for me that i handled but due to the latest three package when i am trying to do mainContainer.getCamera() instanceof THREE.Perspective so it is always givng me false and this may be the cause of raycasting stop working , i need help to upgrade it to the lastest three version so i can utilize the three latest feature please help me in this .
Before upgradation everything is working fine

Have you tried reaching out to the maintener of react-container-3d? We generally can’t help with updating 3rd party plugins here.

Yes i did thats why it is working fine with the react latest version i would be great if you please help me in this

Hello Everyone

so this is the attached zip file of my demo project i am trying to upgrade the version of three js so i use the latest version here what is observe after upgrading the reat-container-3d and react-cubeview in the setup method in app.js the scene object is giving me false(scene instanceof THREE.Scene) thats why the upgradation is failed
please i stretch my head a lot i need help from the three js community (50.9 KB)

@threejs community no thoughts on this i need suggesstion

My only suggestion would be to avoid using packages that are not actively maintained, or at least be prepared to have to update them yourself.

Otherwise, you could try using react-three-fiber.

how about using the core three js and remove the package dependency because i see react-three-fiber dont have any docs on instancing and even other new feature of three js we have to write core three js code instead of react-three-fiber

It’s certainly possible to use three.js + React without any plugins. I can’t help you with that, however.

No i only asked that it is better to use three directly rather than the plugin and i know how to setup thanks sir for your help

no point in duplicating docs, r3f is just another way to express threejs. it isnt reliant on maintainers when threejs adds new features, it will be able to use them declaratively (or, if you like, imperatively) without update. this is possible because it’s a reconciler, not a binding. you yourself decide which threejs version you use, it could be version 1, or latest - r3f only has a peerDependency on it.

for example, threejs introduced instances, the same day mrdoob published it i wanted to give it a try: no changes in r3f for this ofc.

thanks and i agree on this sir i found the solution of my issue but forget to close this ticket

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